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Nathan & Christine Get Married!

When friends, family, and a whole lotta love get together, a wedding that's this much fun happens. Nathan and Christine had a team of people who love them put their efforts into making this day spectacular for them, and I believe it was nothing short of that. These two are goofy, fun-loving, and so wonderful to the people in their lives.

This wedding was full of surprises that had everyone belly laughing, including their ceremony that was largely centered around how they met (spoiler: Nathan gave Christine a concussion), and when Christine and her Dad busted out into the Whip/Nae Nae dance during their Father Daughter dance.

The Young Life crowd was POPPIN' on the dance floor, and there really wasn't a dull moment from beginning to end.

It is clear how fiercely Nathan & Christine love one another.

I feel grateful to have both of them in my family, and am honored to have had the privilege of capturing the day.

A huge thank you to my 2nd shooter Michael Hauri for making it possible for me to enjoy this wedding as both a guest and a photographer.

To view the gallery, click here.

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